Workplace Wellbeing Testimonials​

Having happier, more energetic, productive staff turning up to work makes sense. From a financial perspective, customer perspective as well as ‘we spend a lot of time together – we want a pleasant working environment’.​

Healthy Minds approach is effective as it gives techniques that cut to the chase. Everything we do starts in the mind, when we want to make changes this is where we need to put our focus to get the results we want.

Don’t take our word for it, here is what our clients are saying​


Andre came for 8 workplace wellbeing sessions. I was very stressed at work and knew if I kept going I’d burn out. I’m coping much better when people are rude or annoying. Before it was “Oh no I have to go to work and deal with all these people”. Now it’s “Yeah I do have to go to work, I’ll earn money and do the things I want to do”. I’m in a much better space… a happier space.


Lynda attends monthly individual sessions as part of workplace wellbeing/supervision.

One of the things that happened to me when I started this work was my workload was so much easier, it was not a burden. Just having that belief in myself it impacts those that I surround myself with.  I’m not clouded anymore… You don’t waste time…. You have time for valuable things in your life. I cannot believe the change… I thought I was a happy person but I certainly am now.


As a self employed business owner for the past 27 years, I approached Healthy Minds when I was under considerable pressure and had what, at the time appeared to be a constant state of anxiety. It was clear to me that I could benefit from some guidance to ensure I had the ability to cope with the every day stresses that being a business owner, Dad, Step-Dad, and the glue in the extended family, brings with it.  Rebecca provided me with a range of tools and resources from which I can call upon at times when the pressure and day to day workload is intense.  My anxiety level has reduced considerably, and I am confident in the knowledge that when times get tough, I have the ability to deal with the ‘now’ and focus on what I can achieve.  I highly recommend Rebecca and Healthy Minds to anyone who wishes to take greater control of their own thoughts and actions.