Imelda and Rebecca created the Healthy Minds programmes because they want to empower people who are feeling stuck and want to move forward, how to believe in themselves to achieve a better life, better relationships, less stress and anxiety, to be happy with who they are.  

The Healthy Minds programmes acknowledge that most people know all the theory about what they should be doing, for example: sleeping and eating well, doing regular exercise, taking action, being positive, not comparing themselves to others and getting on with life.  It is our mind that is getting in the way, our habits and our beliefs that we have created about ourselves and the world.  We have plenty of habits and beliefs that are working for us, however, we need to identify and change those beliefs and habits that are holding us back. 

The Healthy Minds Team​

Imelda Curtin

Rebecca Cragnolini

Imelda has a background in counselling and psychology and Rebecca has a background in mental health, initially working as an Occupational Therapist. They are both passionate about encouraging people to be the best that they can be!

Imelda and Rebecca (personally and professionally) know the health benefits of having their minds working for them. 

What initially brought Imelda to mindset techniques was losing 35kg and keeping it off for 6 years. For Rebecca in the first instance, it was after 20 years of Irritable Bowel Syndrome getting relief from the symptoms. 

Every day they see wonderful people coming through their door, it is incredible how someone’s internal dialogue can be so awful when they first start the programme, and it is amazing watching them change their mindset and habits and begin to enjoy life to the full.

Rebecca says:

“Life’s too short to be beating yourself up… to be feeling stuck… to not have the health and the freedom you want”

Have you checked out our testimonials page? That will show you why we created the Healthy Minds programmes a lot better than we can explain it here.

Those happy people? That’s why we do this.