Imelda and Rebecca created the Healthy Minds programme because they want to help people to find personal freedom particularly around their relationship with food.  The Healthy Minds programme acknowledges that most people know all the theory about losing weight but eating habits start in the mind. The good news is that the solution starts there too!​

The Healthy Minds Team​

 Both Imelda and Rebecca have been on this personal journey themselves. Between them they have lost 50 kg and kept it off for years now. They know the wonderful freedom that comes with not having to worry about what you eat, not thinking in terms of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food and just being happy (most of the time!).

Imelda Curtin

Rebecca Cragnolini

Imelda has a background in counselling and psychology and Rebecca has a background in mental health and they are both passionate about encouraging women to be the best that they can be!

Imelda and Rebecca know the health benefits of being slimmer and fitter but what really gets them out of bed in the morning is working with their clients to experience freedom. Every day they see incredible people coming through their door who need to change the way that they think about themselves.

It is amazing how someone’s internal dialogue can be so awful when they first start the programme, and it is amazing watching them change  their habits and begin to enjoy life to the full.

Rebecca says:

“Life’s too short to be beating yourself up… to be feeling stuck… to not have the health, the body, the freedom you want”.​

Rebecca and Imelda work with people who have been told for years to go on a diet. The thing is the research does not back this up – 90% of diets fail. There are alternatives that work and that’s what Healthy Minds is about.