8-Week Program: Success​

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For a limited time: Full refund if after first 3 sessions this approach is not for you.

Healthy Minds groups are about having fun while learning great techniques. You are given the skills to stop hoovering food so you can ditch the clothes that are not you!

We get that although life can be good in many ways it does hurt when you feel out of control of your eating. We want to reassure you that eating habits start in the mind and that is where the solution is. Each week we give you new skills to build on the positive changes you’re making. This is not a bandaid approach our aim is for you to sustain your weight loss for life.

Eight-week Weight Management Program

Course Outline


Course Dates 

Due to the majority of our clients wishing to have individual sessions we now run groups on request. We require 8-10 people for groups to run. Please contact us for further information. 



To be arranged

Alison a year on from Healthy Minds weight loss journey. 

Eight, 75 minute Group Sessions

Includes booklet to guide you through the program and to reinforce what you’ve learned afterwards

Complete Online Program included at no charge ($195 value)

Ten Audio Recordings to reinforce what you’ve learnt and help sustain weight loss


Getting Ready for Change

Developing Helpful Habits

Building a Great Relationship with Food

Stopping the Self Sabotage

Stopping the Self Blame and Name Calling

Breaking Stress Cycles – Comfort Eating/Stress

Motivating for Action

Plateaus and Sustaining your Goals