1:1 Sessions

Program Details

It’s truly about you! We’ll focus on your situation and give you new skills to address what’s been getting in the way. Giving you back your energy, loving your wardrobe, feeling comfortable inside and out.

Initially intensive, for example, weekly individual sessions. Then as ‘life happens’ taking the opportunity to address the triggers for eating when you’re not hungry. With the ongoing support throughout the year you have the confidence knowing your weight loss is for life. 

1:1 Sessions

Individualised 1:1 sessions – in person with Rebecca/Imelda

Complete Online Program included

Personalised Audio recordings to reinforce techniques and help sustain weight loss

Comprehensive Program Booklet

Additional Information Sheets

Follow up support.

To help decide if this program will best meet your needs​, we offer a no cost consultation.

Michele a year on from Healthy Minds weight loss journey.​